Skroo explosion kit

Includes: 1 gym bag, 1 gym towel and 1 funnel

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Includes: 1 gym bag, 1 gym towel and 1 funnel.

SKROO gym bagPack your bag ready to train with our SKROO gym bag. Waterproof and scratch resistant, this is the only bag you will need to keep. Separate Shoe compartment with large internal zip and front outer zip pocket. Transform to wear as a backpack or shoulder bag depending on the day. Perfect for riding, driving or walking. 

SKROO gym towelNeed a towel for training, we have you covered. Soft and durable for every type of training session. Add this accessory to your SKROO gym bag to be ready for your training session every time. Size 40cm x 80cm 80% polyester + 20% polymid.

SKROO funnelSKROO has been created to help those in the fitness industry who take their supplementing seriously. It is designed for functionality without over complicating its use. Created to be used for supplement stacking rather than just single supplement use. No secret compartments, just a tool that allows the user to supplement on the run. With the over supply of shakers the SKROO funnel will transform your plastic water bottle into an instant shaker allowing you to supplement on the run anytime, anywhere.


Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
Towel Colour

Black, White

Funnel Colour

Arctic, Pearl, Rose

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