Feeling Frustrated

After years of battling with leaking shakers, the founder of SKROO decided to create a product that would fix his problem. Insert prototype creation from plastic bottles and duct tape.

Lemons to Lemonade

As a young adult losing your driver’s license can lead to months of wasted time. Instead founder Steven Antipas decided to use the time engineering the ultimate supplement accessory. This took months of planning and execution would not be on the cards for years to come.

Skroo Ignition

After years of waiting for the right time, an integral friendship brought the idea back to life. Enter Blake Zuffo who loves the concept and design. Together they begin to build their explosive ideas and build a bullet proof business plan.

Zac Smith, Blake Zuffo, Steven Antipas & Shannah Baker.

Team Skroo

Promising to stick together from beginning to end, Steven and Blake embark on finding the ultimate professional team to help build their vision. Every team member from production to delivery is behind the SKROO dream and vision.

Steven and Blake want to be a part of every person’s fitness journey, big or small. They are involved in every step of the business process and are looking forward to bringing you along for the ride.


We meet the branding, marketing and design needs of our clients - small to medium sized organisations and start ups. We are a team of thinkers, planners, doers and reviewers.

White Key Marketing

Traditional advertising and marketing methods no longer apply to our current business climate.